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Universal Media Server - DLNA-совместимый UPnP медиа-сервер, с помощью которого можно транслировать видео, аудио и изображения на различные устройства, как например PS3, Xbox 360, телевизоры, смартфоны, проигрыватели Blu-ray и многое другое.

Программа осуществляет потоковую передачу и перекодировку множества различных медиаформатов. Работает на основе MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, MediaInfo и других инструментов, которые в совокупности обеспечивают поддержку широкого спектра медиаформатов.

Некоторые из новых функций, включенных в Universal Media Server, - это True Motion (кадровая интерполяция), субтитры на всех устройствах, неограниченное количество папок на PS3 и Xbox, поддержка рендеринга, поддержка FFmpeg DTS, поддержка 3D SBS видео, ремуксирование AC-3 (без перекодирования), поддержка DVD и многое другое.

Universal Media Server 9. Universal Media Server. Dodaj do ulubionych. Najnowsze poradniki Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - najlepsze sposoby na wgranie tarczy watchface. Mac OS X.

Universal Media Server - Review:

JRIver Media Center is a complete multimedia solution that allows you to organize all type of media content and play it on any digital device or operating system. It is available to use on Mac OS X and Windows operating system and allows the users to build their own media center to organize media files of all type. The platform even supports the creation of playlists as well and can export playlist in various formats as well. There is another unique feature by the name of smart lists that is similar to the playlist system but very different in various aspects. The smart lists system of JRIver Media Center instead of the creation of the favorite songs is based on the system of some rules. JRIver Media Center has four different user interface view that allows the users to select the interface according to the situation.

How to Install and setup Universal Media DLNA server on Windows:

It is based on PS3 Media Server by shagrath. The program streams or transcodes many different media formats with little or no configuration. A list of device support and a comparison of popular media servers is available here. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate. Discover New Mac Apps. Sign in Create account. Universal Media Server.

Universal Media Server, serveur multimedia open source et multiplateforme:

The free open-source application works with major operating systems to stream videos, audios and images with minimal or no configuration. While Universal Media Server has lots of free features, there are issues. Setting up the home server for streaming videos, music and photos is relatively complex and there are problems with performance. The application often fails to work with devices that are supposedly compatible. There is also no remote access capability. Have you tried Universal Media Server? Be the first to leave your opinion! What do you think about Universal Media Server?

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