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SNK DEcode - простая в использовании программа для перекодировки из/в DOS-OS/2 (cp 866), Windows (cp 1251), UNIX (Koi-8r cp), Macintosh и ISO 8859-5 кодовых страниц. Программа, в первую очередь, предназначена для тех, кто любит время от времени поэкспериментировать с кодировками "в ручную". SNK DEcode может выполнять также "перекодировки по схемам пользователя", т.е. преобразования между несколькими указанными кодовыми страницами сразу. Подобные схемы вы можете сохранять в программе, и вызывать при необходимости из окна схем, либо из командной строки. Вы можете использовать SNK DEcode и в качестве command-line утилиты, например, в пакетных файлах.

Помимо собственно перекодирования текста, программа может выполнять ряд функций по преобразованию текста, как то изменение регистра символов, преобразования qwertyйцукен, очистка текста от тегов и другие.

These tools may provide of some use if one were to modify or hack Plant vs. Zombies 2. There will be some tools which may be difficult to use, so I just may create separate pages on how to use them. Start a Wiki. Requires Java to work. TileTurnip Download Alt.

The Complete Attack on Titan Timeline (Shingeki no Kyojin Titan History Explained):

If you want decode URI component , fill the "Data to decode" editor above. You can copy the result to the clipboard click on "Copy to clipboard" button or download it to a file Click on "Download file" button. This online tool allows you to easily and quickly encode and decode a url. It avoids having to write a few lines of code to get the result. Browsers request web pages by using an URL. A URL contains a protocol http, ftp, The two hexadecimal digits represent the numeric value of the unsafe character. There are reserved characters, with special meaning, and they must be encoded.

Attack on Titan OST - Call your name『Lost Girls Ending Theme』:

Free, quick, and very powerful. Created by geeks from team Browserling. A link to this tool, including input, options and all chained tools. Import from file. Export to Pastebin. Chain with

Attack on titan [AMV] - Decode:

The type of encoding used is sent to the server in form of header information so that it can be easily and correctly parsed by the browsers. Various encodings are used since the computers were born. Even common users have probably met different code page encoding problems that caused website content or an email message to be unreadable, especially if not written in English. Other encodings exist to enable transfer of binary data through text -based protocols that use only a limited set of characters. Countwordsfree HTML Encoder is an online tool that converts HTML code into JavaScript Unicode string which means the text looks scrambled when your source code is viewed, but when executed as a web page, appears to be normal. When you encode text, you are not protecting your HTML code, but it does do a great job as a deterrent to those that would otherwise attempt to view your code in passing.

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