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Webserver Stress Tool - Программа для тестирования web серверов. Может посылать любое количество запросов серверу, записывать время, затраченное на получение какой-либо страницы со всем содержимым, измерять количество неудачных запросов и т.д. Результаты тестирования могут быть проанализированы при помощи детального журнала выполненных работ, а также при помощи графиков. Рекомендуется при отладке скриптов для имитации работы сайта с большим числом посетителей.

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Cara menggunakan Web Server Stress tool:

Webserver Stress Tool 7. The software can simulate up to 10, users that independently click their way through a set of URLs. Each user is simulated by a separate thread with his own session information i. New scripting functionality allows you to create highly complex URL patterns for large scale web applications. Webserver Stress Tool ensures that critical issues in your website are resolved before they bring down your web resources. It ensures that your websites and applications are given the server resources they need to guarantee a high quality user experience, and that you are getting everything out of the investment in your webserver technology through consistent and in-depth testing and analysis. Webserver Stress Tool is the most cost-effective solution in the market for simulating performance, load, and stress tests for your web server. Webserver Stress Tool is a free trial software application from the Site Administration subcategory, part of the Web Development category.

WebServer Stress Tool:

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JMeter Tutorial, Web Server Stress Testing, in Windows 7:

An IIS Web application can be written using code optimization techniques, debugged at compile time and run time, configured in IIS to run as fast as possible, and have its security tested by a hacker friend, but there is no way to manually test the way a Web application performs under the stress of hundreds of users until it is deployed on a public Web server. However, there are some tools that can help. The Microsoft Web stress tool is designed to realistically simulate multiple browsers requesting pages from a Web site. The Microsoft WAS Web stress tool is designed to realistically simulate multiple browsers requesting pages from a Web site. You can use this tool to gather performance and stability information about your Web application. This tool simulates a large number of requests with a relatively small number of client machines.

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