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Start Killer - небольшая утилита для скрытия кнопки "Пуск" на рабочем столе компьютера. Эта программа может пригодиться тем, кого кнопка "Пуск" раздражает или же просто хочется освободить на панели задач дополнительное место для иконки. Надо отметить, что скрывается только сам значок "Пуск", при необходимости вызова меню "Пуск" используется клавиша "Windows" или одновременное нажатие Ctrl+Esc. При закрытии программы иконка меню возвращается на привычное место.

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Upon starting the game, the title screen will transform into a yellow killer8 logo resembling the basic killer7 logo. Only one difficulty level is available on killer8 : "Bloodbath", in which all enemies inflict significantly more damage on the Smiths. Heaven Smiles also have increased amounts of health, making them much harder to kill. Smiles can still be killed instantly as normal if their weak spots are shot, however. Reviving personas is also now much harder, as the player must press the A button far more rapidly than before. This will make short work of most smiles thanks to its rapid-fire rate; however, Harman cannot receive any upgrades whatsoever, although the Power Ring and Stamina Ring will still affect him. Thanks to his incredible amount of health, Harman can resist at least one Heaven Smile attack before dying, unlike most of the other personas. Harman is the only persona to always be available from the beginning of every mission excluding Lion.

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Dark Masquerade Dress. Blackwood Platform Boots. Madison Skater Dress. Blackwood Velvet Handbag. Cardinal Sins Bralet. Fiona Ruffle Top.

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