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Microsoft Mathematics - полезная программа для школьников и студентов, которая представляет собой функциональный графический калькулятор. Позволяет рассчитывать различные числовые значения, решать уравнения, неравенства, а также строить 2- и 3-х мерные графики.

Включает в себя формулы и уравнения по алгебре, геометрии, тригонометрии, химии, физике, содержит различные константы, конвертер величин, расчет треугольников и многое другое.

Free Download. Microsoft Mathematics is a reliable and feature-packed educational tool that allows you to see and visualize mathematical concepts in a completely new way. This application comes with step-by-step instructions and will help you netter understand fundamental concepts. Microsoft Mathematics offers a broad range of tools that will help students solve complex mathematics problems and integrates a comprehensive graphing calculator that can be used as a regular handheld calculator. Thanks to the integrated ink handwriting support, the program is able to easily recognize hand-written problems. Microsoft Mathematics allows you to solve difficult math equations and problems. The utility comes with a rich library which includes more than commonly used formulae and equations.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0:

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Microsoft Math , also known as Microsoft Mathematics , is a freely downloadable educational program, designed for mobile platforms iOS and Android , that allows users to solve math and science problems. Developed and maintained by Microsoft , it is primarily targeted at students as a learning tool. Microsoft Math was originally released as a bundled part of Microsoft Student. It was then available as a standalone paid version starting with version 3. For version 4. While no longer in active development or support, Microsoft Mathematics 4.

World's Advance Calculator - Microsoft Math Solver:

States Quiz Where is Alabama? Play a map quiz on the 50 US states! For students in high school or college that are taking advanced mathematics or science courses, performing some of the more advanced calculations and graphing routines that are required can be somewhat difficult to learn. Microsoft now offers an impressive, free application called Microsoft Mathematics 4. It sits on the left side of the application window and actually looks like a large scientific calculator, complete with a glowing green LCD screen with all of the advanced functions you can use.

How to install Microsoft Mathematics Add-in and Activate the Mathematics tab in Word:

Microsoft Mathematics is a software designed to help you learn equations in a user-friendly environment. The interface of the program is clean and intuitive. In the "Worksheet" area you can type an expression on the lower part of the screen and press the "Enter" button to process it. Results are instantly displayed above this area. For each equation you can edit the entry or view keyboard equivalents. Furthermore, you can plot an equation or function in the "Graphing" tab 2D or 3D, Cartesian or Polar , as well as insert a data set, parametric functions and inequalities. On the left side of the screen, you can use the calculator pad to input shortcuts for complex numbers, calculus e. Also, you can create a "favorite buttons" group.

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