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3uTools - удобный инструмент, с помощью которого можно загружать приложения и обои, легко управлять файлами, прошивкой и джейлбреком на iPhone и iPad с компьютера под управлением Windows.

Доступен просмотр различных статусов iOS-устройства, включая активацию, джейлбрейк, состояние батареи и iCloud lock, управление, передача, резервное копирование всех данных на устройствах Apple, имеется возможность скачивать и устанавливать рингтоны и уникальные обои, прошивать iOS устройство в нормальном режиме, режиме DFU и режиме восстановления.

Присутствует поддержка iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPad 2018, iPhone 5s, iPhone 8/8P, iPhone X и др.

Ключевые возможности программы 3uTools:

Review by editorial. About 3uTools. With file management, backup, and jailbreak all lumped into one space, this truly is a one-stop shop for your iOS needs. More images. Through the app, you can perform a Jailbreak to your iOS device and thereby giving you access to certain restricted areas of the phone that could unlock some extra capabilities. The app is relatively easy to install but may require you to have some medium PC knowledge and a good understanding of Jailbreaking iOS devices.

How to tell what has been replaced inside an iPhone (Without opening it):

If you have an iOS device, you know how frustrating it can be to have to restore the entire system without very much help. This is where a program like 3uTools comes in handy for you in managing any type of project you are looking to get done fast and efficiently. This particular program is specifically designed to help restore your iOS device in a swift and proficient manner that only takes minutes to complete. You do not have to wait hours upon hours to restore your data since everything will be done at your own fingertips within a matter of moments. Using 3uTools is an excellent way for you to instantly and effortlessly restore your iOS device as much and as often as you desire. If you have lost data on your device, it can easily be restored when using a program like this. It is also a great software program for individuals who are new to backing up their files and restoring their devices. This makes it ideal for individuals who have never used a program like this before in their life, and it is ideal in terms of saving money when hiring a professional to do the same work for you.

iPhone Activation iCloud Bypass Using 3utools 2020 ( Full Tutorial ):

The One-click jailbreak feature makes the jailbreak process so simple and easy. Copyright Snapfiles. Copyright SnapFiles. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Save for later Add to Favorites. Download 3uTools.

Jailbreak checkra1n bằng 3uTools trên window:

Преимущества пользователей: 1. Убрана почти вся реклама! Нет ограничений на скачивание 3. Оповещение об ответе на e-mail и многое другое Название: 3uTools 2. Описание: Бесплатная и лучшая, замена стандартному iTunes. Программа упрощает управление приложениями, фотографиями, музыкой, рингтонами, видео и другими мультимедийными файлами. Способна прошивать, делать джейлбрейк и множество других недоступных в iTunes полезных функций.

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