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Privacy Badger - браузерное расширение, которое может блокировать размещенные на сайтах отслеживающие модули действий пользователя, в том числе и шпионские утилиты, скрытые cookie-файлы и т.д. Privacy Badger работает по принципу Do Not Track - специальная технология оповещения сайта о нежелании пользователя слежки за ним. Однако это не гарантирует, что выбранный ресурс не перестанет собирать поведенческую информацию о Ваших действиях на сайте. Расширение Privacy Badger заставляет сайты подчиняться принципам DNT (Do Not Track): если окажется, что сторонние скрипты, изображения и cookie-файлы продолжают следить за действиями пользователя без его ведома, то они будут заблокированы автоматически.

Регулировка каждого отдельного трекера осуществляется с помощью ползунка: разрешить все, блокировать только куки и полная блокировка. В настройках можно создавать белый список сайтов, где блокировка не требуется.

Стоит также отметить, что Privacy Badger не блокирует всю рекламу, а предотвращает несанкционированный сбор информации о Вашей частной жизни. Отображение "честной" рекламы будет размещаться как и раньше без изменений, а вот недобросовестные рекламные модули просто исчезнут.

This is possible due to all sorts of trackers most of the times users are not even aware of and that are integrated into the websites they are visiting. Fortunately, there are ways of lifting the curtain on the entire matter, what with the emergence of applications that can spot and disable all these trackers at a mouse click, as is the case of Privacy Badger for Chrome. Being an extension specifically aimed at Chrome users, Privacy Badger would not bother you with intricate setup or anything of the sort. You simply need to install it and click its icon in the toolbar in order to be able to take a look at any suspicious element that might be collecting data on you without your permission. As such, you can allow or block a specific domain as well as disable cookies, depending on your needs. Nevertheless, you may want to know that Privacy Badger for Chrome is capable of making a decision on its own as to which trackers should be disabled, and only if you spot anything weird should you make further adjustments. All these considered, Privacy Badger for Chrome is a nifty tool you could employ in order to check whether the websites you are visiting are safe.

Tracking, Blocking, and Safeguarding with Bennett Cyphers from Privacy Badger:

Privacy Badger is a privacy tool developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is a highly useful extension that is available on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. By installing and making use of Privacy Badger, consumers can drastically reduce the amount of tracking that they suffer at the hands of websites. The nice thing about Privacy Badger is that, in addition to stopping vast amounts of tracking, it also speeds up page load times in the process by minimizing the amount of data that each page needs to load. Privacy Badger is completely free, which means that anybody can use it to begin blocking trackers right away. The popular extension works by blocking third-party website trackers automatically.

Privacy Badger:

Privacy Badger automatically blocks spying ads and invisible trackers as you browse. Privacy Badger sends the Do Not Track header with each request and evaluates the likelihood that you are still being tracked. If a domain appears to be tracking you on multiple websites, Privacy Badger automatically blocks your request from being sent to the tracking domain. Our extension shows you one of three states for each tracker. Red means block the tracker. Green means unblocked probably because the third party does not appear to be tracking you - yet. This is a high priority project.

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