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DreamKazper Player for boston uprising has been making contact and sexual suggestions to a 14 year old. We all know what happened to some of the most famous minecraft streamers. Hint they where pedos. Edit: I looked at the website and the tweets and apparently she asked him for sexy cloths and candles or something? Idk it sounds like she is trying to bait him then ruin his career. I know people are quick to defend her cus she is underage but she is still human and can manipulate other people.

Overwatch - The BEST Pro Players in the WORLD! Overwatch League Playoff Picks!:

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Geguri will not only be the first female player in OWL, but one of a small handful of female players across all professional esports. Early on in her career she was accused of cheating because her Zarya play is just that good. She proved her mettle and put the rumors to bed by filming her hands while playing during a live stream. General managers throughout the league had faced heavy criticism from fans at the start of the season, as not one of the twelve teams in the league recruited Geguri, a player who, statistically, was better than a large handful of male tank players that did get signed to teams. Looks like everything worked out, right? Sadly Geguri, Fearless, and Ado are all still trying to get their american VISAs, a process that could take several more weeks, meaning they are currently unable to play. Meanwhile, stage two has so far been equally unkind to the Dragons, losing both of their games in the first week.

The Redemption of Overwatch's Toxic Superstar:

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