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MP3 Rocket - программа с открытым исходным кодом для поиска и загрузки любых файлов в сети gnutella и торрент сетях непосредственно от пользователя к пользователю. Основана на известной и популярной программе LimeWire. Можно осуществлять поиск и скачивать видео, музыку, программное обеспечение, книги, игры, документы и изображения.

Есть предварительный просмотр файлов во время загрузки, возможность быстрого нахождения любой песни, отсутствуют шпионские компоненты и надоедливая реклама. Тонкая настройка поиска. Интуитивный мультиязычный интерфейс (русский присутствует).

Кроме этого, с помощью MP3 Rocket можно смотреть любимые телепрограммы и сериалы, слушать радиостанции, общаться в чате. Есть сборник компьютерных игр.

It can convert YouTube downloads into MP3s and similar formats that can play on nearly any device. A toolbar we tried but failed to decline spoiled the overall experience, too. MP3 Rocket can find, download, and convert a lot of interesting free music from YouTube. MP3 Rocket is more than a video downloader, it allows users to download HD videos and convert them to any common video format. The program is easy to use. Just specify the URL for the video desired and click the Download button. From there, MP3 Rocket will download the video from specified URL, then automatically convert the video into the desired audio or video format.

MP3 Rocket PRO para baixar do YouTube:

MP3 Rocket is basically an online search tool which helps you locate songs and other difficult-to-find files on the Internet. What it professes is the ability to find creative commons-licensed files, but it actually searches video sharing web sites and converts the files to MP3s which are playable in programs like Winamp. In reality, MP3 Rocket is not that advanced. Essentially, MP3 Rocket is a program that can find and convert non-copyrighted music into a format that can be played on a portable device, cell phone or PC. Installation note: This program is bundled with adware. The installer may attempt to change your homepage, search engine and browser settings or install third party offers. Pay very close attention when installing; the third party offers are not necessary for this software to function.


You seem to have CSS turned off. Get free video to mp3 conversions with MP3 Rocket. It converts and downloads videos in popular mp3 format. MP3 Rocket converts video to multiple audio or video formats and provides easy play back on computers or mobile devices. MP3 Rocket also allows users to turn any video into a MP3 ringtone, without sound quality loss.

mp3 rocket how to download free music:

Use the free software to access media, download music and videos and create video ringtones. MP3 Rocket is a peer-to-peer network focused on music, videos, and films. Through the program, users can download or stream content at the touch of a button. A diverse library of P2P content keeps a large community engaged with the program. Many users will be reminded of FrostWire and LimeWire while using this particular network. Fleshed out features, a decent design, and loads of content make this one worth considering. After starting the program, users will find a well-design program with a tab-based interface.

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