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Freeze Tab - удобное расширение для Opera, которое блокирует загрузку неактивных вкладок при запуске браузера. Теперь при запуске браузера будет грузиться только активная вкладка. Когда вы переключаетесь на одну из вкладок, она автоматически начинает загружаться.

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FREEZING EVERY UNIT (legacy) - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS:

It keeps loading forever and the tab and website freeze. The snippets seem to be saved ok. Use some other plugin from reliable author. Sorry for the lack of response. I am currently working on finding a solution. No problem. In regards to what you say, I can reproduce the error every time by using Local by Flywheel to create a new site.

Freezing Moon - Mayhem cover (Euronymous Tone + TAB):

I used to play full screen but alt-tabbing often was always a risk. Borderless windowed solved it completely, even to the point that i made the change on some other games. I always play full screen. Just my choice. So i often experienced, the Alt-Tabbing problem as a video crash.

FLASH FREEZE ENTIRE ARMIES - New Secret Units - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator:

Hello fellow slackers of Arborea. Here I am, facing the same issue I posted about 7 months ago here: Alt-Tab freezer at degrees Celsius. Or as this fella posted a couple of weeks ago here: Tera Freeze after tabbing out and in Now the fun part is, I am facing this issue again, and nothing helps. The thing I did to "solve" the problem "solved" it for around So I tried to research that further, to see whether the keyboard IS the problem. The fix is odd, yes, but it worked. I have better specs in my PC than you, and I still have the exact same issues. Thanks for going the extra mile in trying to find out what causes it.

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