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AM-DeadLink - бесплатная утилита, которая ищет битые и повторяющиеся ссылки в Избранном различных веб-браузеров. Самостоятельно проверяет все ссылки на доступность, будь то корневой каталог сайта или внутренняя страница. В случае обнаружения неработающей ссылки она удаляется из каталога.

Работает с закладками в браузерах Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome. Есть возможность поиска нерабочих ссылок в файлах HTML и URL-адресов, "подсветки" ошибок и предупреждений в Избранном цветом. Таким образом, можете быть уверены в том, что, открыв страницу, на которой давно не были, вы не увидите стандартную "Ошибку 404" или сообщение о том, что сайт закрыт навсегда.

Over time, the bookmarks we collected become more and more and messy especially the ones that are broken and duplicated. At this time, do a thorough cleaning is very meaningful. However, manually opening webpage links one by one for verification and collation fomr the inbuilt bookmark manager of web browser is extremely tedious and inefficient. So, we have to utilize third-party tools. AM-DeadLink is a free and easy to use browser bookmark assistant management tool. Although it no longer supports removing bookmarks directly from the browser, it is still very useful.

The Art of Spychecking [SFM]:

You wind up with a ton of bookmarks that have duplicates and dead links after a while. This utility helps with that by looking through all the bookmarks and discovering any duplicates it may come across. It will also help you find dead links links that are no longer available. It will even download all the favorite icons used for all your bookmarks in case you think you missed one or if you imported from another browser and lost them all. It works for most major browsers and it is free - check it out. Free Windows Software Page.

Bizarre Afternoon:

Search Image Search Yahoo! Goto download section. Download Now. Size: 1. Svetainiu kurimas 1. The difference is that the Tweak IE 1.

How it FEELS to Play Pyro in TF2:

Editors occasionally encounter dead links either within a paragraph or a reference citation. Not doing so might hinder detection by automated tools. If the citation contains multiple URLs e. The notice will then correctly appear in the reference section instead of in the body of the text, and so WP:Link rot bots can properly find and fix the link. Avoid using this template when the reference is fully adequate without the link. In this case, simply remove the link.

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