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Bass Tuner - простая в использовании программа, позволяющая легко и быстро настроить бас-гитару в "классический" строй "E-A-D-G". В настройках утилиты можно зацикливать выбранную ноту и задавать промежуток повтора (от 1 до 10 секунд).

Часть первая. Часть вторая. Часть третья. Часть четвертая. Часть пятая.

Perfect Guitar Tuner (Bass 5 String B Standard = B E A D G):

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Roadie 2 fine-tunes your guitar or completely changes tuning in under 30 seconds. Tune all sorts of string instruments including electric, acoustic, classical, and steel guitars, 7 and string guitars, ukeleles, mandolins, banjos, etc. Roadie 2 does not require a mobile phone to work, allowing you to tune whenever you are. Re-string quickly and easily with the automatic winding feature. The motor rotates at three speeds, the fastest of which is 60 RPM. For easy selection of instruments and tunings. Invisible when off, lights up beautifully as soon as you turn Roadie on.

Six Strings Bass Tuner:

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