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Light Artist - программа, позволяющая добавлять различные источники света на фотографии для наложения световых эффектов, а также для коррекции изображений, полученных в условиях плохой освещенности. Выбрав цвет, диапазон рассеивания и интенсивность источников света, вы сможете сделать тусклые оттенки более теплыми или яркими, визуально выделить любую область изображения или изменить его цветовую гамму. При этом источников может быть много. Для каждого из них можно задать тип и цвет освещения, его высоту и интенсивность.
Кроме этого Light Artist позволяет создать 3D рельеф, благодаря чему можно выделять контуры и создавать эффект «тиснения», имитирующий гравюру. Вы можете сохранять свои световые установки, чтобы применять их позже к другим фотографиям.

Course overview Course overview. We will be working in Unreal Engine, as it is an easily accessible platform, but the workflow and techniques will be presented in as much of a software-agnostic format as possible. These techniques will apply to any contemporary pipeline. The course will guide students through weekly examinations of different lighting scenarios, environments, and gameplay styles. The instructor will demonstrate his own lighting approach, and the workflow that he uses to get them from a conceptual state to a working playable level.

Incredible Light Art - Kinetica Art Fair 2013:

Dark Academia feels like those big, sexy, scary, daunting organ chords that reverberate around the chasm-like spaces of museums, libraries, and directly into your soul. Light Academia feels like a lilting piano melody, a training exercise mastered beyond what the composer intended. The notes play around the garden, the kitchen, the well, the meadow, and cling to your skin like dew. Chaotic Academia is an accordion. Jarring and soothing, wild and soft, loud and quiet all at random intervals. Big bursts and little rests all coming together, all holding hands in a nonsensical, but broadly beautiful way. Romantic Academia is a harp, of course.

WOW! Artist Paints Moon Landing In The Dark Using Only LIGHT! - America's Got Talent 2019:

HDR Light Studio will dramatically improve the way you light:. Lighting is one of the most creative opportunities for a 3D artist, it can transform the look of your render. Become a lighting master. Experience for yourself how it will enhance your lighting process. Like you, we were frustrated trying to efficiently create the perfect lighting. We needed a better way to light too.

Book Light Art Show - Corporate event performance:

Developed to be easily mounted on an easel, drafting table, drawing board or a work bench. The Daylight Artist Studio lamp provides maximum light output over the largest area. A4 size: Ultra bright, ultra slim, ultra light, the Daylight Wafer lightbox is your must have tool for tracing, on paper or fabric. Our business was founded on the recognition that all artists are in desperate need of consistent quality lighting with optimal brightness and spread. Whether you are an artist working with watercolour, oils or pastels, a sculptor, or a graphic designer, we will have the right painting lighting or drawling lamps in our range adapted to your needs. Getting the right painting lighting can have a profound impact on your art.

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