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Создайте собственное 3D изображение с помощью программы Free 3D Photo Maker. С ее помощью вы сможете создавать 3D изображение как из одного, так и из двух исходных файлов. Программа проста в использовании. Для создания 3D, используя одно изображение, необходимо отметить птичкой окно "Одно изображение".

Для создания 3D из двух исходных файлов вам нужно взять две фотографии одного неподвижного предмета, снятые с небольшим горизонтальным смещением, которое обычно должно составлять 5-7 см для получения нужной картинки.

Внимание! Для просмотра полученного изображения необходимы специальные анаглифные (стерео) очки.

Free 3D Photo Maker. Make 3D content yourself! With more and more consumer electronics to playback 3D movies and images appearing on the market, still there is a noticeable lack of quality 3D content. The program is extremely simple to use and that is what makes it so attractive to 3D-lovers. The extraordinary feature of the program is that you can create a 3D photo using just one picture as well as two pictures. You can take two shots of a still set object captured with a small horizontal shift.

SketchUp Tutorial : How to convert 2D image into 3D in 5 min:

You have been detected as being from. Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. Over the past few years, millions of people have unlocked their creativity with the Autodesk D apps and community. But we recognize that the portfolio has become complex. We are making some changes to simplify our Autodesk portfolio and workflows for people everywhere who love to make things. To help build a model, Slicer for Fusion also creates 3D instructions you can interact with. Tinkercad is used by designers, hobbyists, teachers, and kids, to make home decor, toys, jewelry, Minecraft models, and more.

Make 3D Photo using 3DMasterKit software and Lenticular lenses:

Today we are launching a fresh program Free 3D Photo Maker. With this simple tool you will be able to easily create 3D pictures. The program is extremely simple in its usage. What is needed for 3D photo creation is two shots of a still set object captured with a small horizontal shift. Usually the distance must be about inches to have the right scene.

Workflow from Photoscan to 3d printing:

Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the app creates high-resolution panoramas that seamlessly combine original images. ICE can also create panoramas from a panning video, including stop-motion action overlaid on the background. ICE can now add missing pixels around the edges of panoramas, enabling smooth boundaries for partial or incomplete images. ICE has a new look that makes all the features more understandable and easier to use. The app guides you through the steps required to make great panoramas. It enables you to back up or change settings and immediately see the results without having to start over from scratch. ICE allows you to zoom in to see every detail of your stitched panorama, no matter how big, before you export.

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