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Color Mixer - небольшая портативная (не требует инсталляции) программа с интуитивным пользовательским интерфейсом, которая позволяет легко смешивать цвета, получая результирующий цвет в коде HTML, что очень удобно для веб-разработчиков и дизайнеров.

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ULTIMATE MIXING - Mixing All Colours - What Will Be The Result?:

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Learn Truck Colors For Kids - Color Mixing - Gecko's Garage - Learn Paint For Toddlers:

The Alpha Color Mixer is a tool for software developers. Computer programs apps often use transparency for various purposes, and this tool provides transparency mixing, along with the more typical RGB and HSB controls. Colors can also be entered in hexadecimal and decimal formats for quickly getting from a preview to working code. Hexadecimal and decimal values can also be entered to see a previous of an already encoded color. Any change to any one control, whether it be one of the text inputs or any individual control knob, all other controls are adjusted to match.

Festival of Colors ! Mixing Random Things Into Store Bought Slime ! Satisfying Slime Smoothie #720:

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