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TGMDev PhotoRenamer - бесплатная и простая в использовании программа, которая предназначена для переименования фотографий с указанием даты и времени снимка.

Переименование файлов осуществляется в соответствии с выбранной маской. По умолчанию доступно три маски, но присутствует возможность добавлять до 40 дополнительных масок с возможностью их редактирования.

PhotoRenamer 2. So, no more confusion with searching for your photos by name as this free software, PhotoRenamer 2. Bulk Rename Utility can also be used for renaming your files. The background texture is customizable with this software and you can also preview all your pictures with this freeware, PhotoRenamer 2. This photo renaming software from Tgmdev renames all your photos according to the date and time when you clicked the photo. Some systems allow changing the file name and while some do not. However, with this free software, PhotoRenamer 2.

Rename Expert - Use the photo taken date for file names:

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PhotoRenamer is a free tool which enables the renaming of multiple digital images from cryptic DCS The program opens with an Explorer-like tree. Choose the folder containing your images and thumbnails are displayed, eventually. Files are renamed by using a custom mask. Select any mask and the thumbnail view displays both the current file name and the new one, a handy preview of what Photo Renamer is going to do. PhotoRenamer handles this automatically by adding , type suffixes, and this can also be customised if necessary. Expect to spend a while with the help files and video tutorials before you fully understand your options. Show all.

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