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DDR Professional - Windows Data Recovery - программа, позволяющая восстанавливать потерянные данные из различных видов устройств: жестких дисков, карт памяти, USB дисков, цифровых камер, MP3-плеера и других устройств. Восстановливаются потерянные текстовые документы, фотографии, видео, аудио и др. Данная утилита обладает достаточно простым интерфейсом и высоким качеством воостановления данных. Кроме того, с помощью DDR Professional  -Windows Data Recovery  можно восстановить и сохранить всю информацию, хранящуюся на носителях, инфицированных вирусом.

Корпорация Microsoft выпустила утилиту Windows File Recovery, которая пригодится пользователям Windows 10, случайно удалившим какие-либо файлы или потерявшим важную информацию иным способом. Очистили жёсткий диск? Не знаете, что делать с повреждёнными данными? Многие попадали в ситуацию, когда случайно был удалён важный документ, резервная копия которого не создавалась или устарела. Помочь в этой ситуации могла программа сторонних разработчиков, предназначенная для восстановления удалённых данных.

Data Doctor DDR digital usb removable media pictures photos files data recovery restore software:

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Data Doctor DDR Data Recovery Software Professional file files partition disk drive restore tool:

Your Apeaksoft ID is the email address you used to create your account or purchase Apeaksoft products. The verification code has been sent to your email address. Please check it in your inbox, including the spam folder. You can trust Apeaksoft Data Recovery not only to tell you accurately how much data it can retrieve but also to recover it for you effectively. Apeaksoft Data recovery can recover the lost files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phones, etc. Data loss due to wrong formatted drives, overwritten data , unexpectedly operations, damaged memory card , partition deleted, software unexpected crashes, inaccessible drive, virus attack, etc. Lost partitions due to disk accident, re-partition, improper clone, system re-installation, and so on.

Simple to recover lost data from memory card by using DDR Professional Recovery Software:

In computing , data recovery is a process of salvaging retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage , removable media or files , when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a usual way. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage devices or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system OS. The most common data recovery scenario involves an operating system failure, malfunction of a storage device, logical failure of storage devices, accidental damage or deletion, etc. Many Live CDs or DVDs provide a means to mount the system drive and backup drives or removable media, and to move the files from the system drive to the backup media with a file manager or optical disc authoring software. Such cases can often be mitigated by disk partitioning and consistently storing valuable data files or copies of them on a different partition from the replaceable OS system files. Another scenario involves a drive-level failure, such as a compromised file system or drive partition, or a hard disk drive failure. In any of these cases, the data is not easily read from the media devices. If a drive recovery is necessary, the drive itself has typically failed permanently, and the focus is rather on a one-time recovery, salvaging whatever data can be read.

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